Car Body Repairs

From tiny scratches to full-panel dents, and small scrapes to cavernous bumper-cracks, if it’s body work related and not a total write-off, there’s a good chance we can help to set it straight. We offer everything from scratch removal/improvement and bumper refinishing to full resprays and accident repair. When it comes to bodywork repair, every job is different. But to give you a general idea of what the process entails, you might like to read this brief overview of an average job.

Before anything else can usually be done the damaged area must first be stripped of all trims, badges, and surrounding panels. If necessary, parts may also need to be stripped from surrounding areas too, particularly if they are causing an obstruction to the repair.

Damage Repairing
Using panel working tools the damaged metal is re-shaped and the contours of your car’s body are restored. After the damaged area is returned to its proper shape, it might require a thin layer of body filler to smooth out any imperfections. Filler will then need to be sanded flat.

Once the body is back in shape, before repainting can begin, the vehicle has to be masked to protect any areas not being painted or primed.

Beginning with an etch primer over bare metal, two to three coats of high-build primer are then applied to the repaired surface. The primed area then needs to be rubbed down before any final paint layers can be applied.

Re-Masking and Mixing
The car is masked once more, while the correct shade of paint is determined and mixed in enough quantity to cover the designated area.

Coats of paint are applied, usually in two to three layers, followed by two layers of clear lacquer.

The freshly cured panels are polished in preparation for any necessary final refit.

No matter how much attention your motor may need, all work undertaken will be finished to the highest possible standard. Whether it requires a total refit or just some tender love and care, with our extensive experience in the field of car bodywork repair, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the very safest of hands.

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