Car Service Work

Having your car regularly serviced is the only way to ensure that your car is safe. Unchecked brakes, suspension or steering can all contribute to making your car a danger, both to yourself , and the public at large. Frequent servicing helps to keep your car running at optimal performance, which in turn improves fuel efficiency and extends the vehicle’s usable lifespan. A well looked after car holds its value better than a neglected one, and potential buyers prefer to see a fuller full service history to persuade them to part with their cash.

We can carry out all the service work you might require, keeping your car healthy and keeping you safe on the road. We can also arrange your MOT at the same time as your service for your convenience.


Is your vehicle suffering from nasty rust patches? Welding can stop rust in its tracks by replacing the rotten metal with new. Here at Simpson Autocare we can provide a full welding service covering all parts of a vehicle.

Parking Sensor Installation

The futuristic safety gadgetry that was once the stuff of science fiction, available on many new cars as an expensive optional extra, is now on offer to everyone at a much more affordable price.

No matter what vehicle you drive, from Bond-style Aston Martins to tank-like Transit vans, we can find a parking sensor solution for you. Retro fit parking sensors are the perfect way to protect your car from unexpected obstructions that you would otherwise not be able to see. They can provide you with the confidence to attempt parking manoeuvres that you would otherwise never have dreamt of achieving, subsequently saving you a great deal of wasted time and petrol.

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